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Reason for Innovation of " Pramukh " Mini Tractor of the 15 Hp Range.

As we are very well aware that our Indian Government is encouraging for Mechanized Farming to our farmers which ultimately increase our agriculture productivity. Looking to the scenario of Indian Agricultural 60 – 70 % of total population is depended on Agricultural.

Indian Government is offering subsidy to increase Mechanized farming to the farmers. Due to this farm equipment market are rapidly growing i.e. tractor, power-tiller, mini-tractor & other Agricultural Products.

salient features of
pramukh tractor

  • maintain & Robust "GREAVES" engine
  • Water proof Braking system
  • Smallest Turning Radius
  • available in diffrent nets
  • autometic double liver hydraulic

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Area of use & multiple operation application detail of "pramukh tractor"